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Can I share my benefits?

Benefits provided to you through your selected membership type are only allowed to be used by the person who registered for them.  Use of ESP Network benefits by someone who is NOT a member of the proper membership type is not permitted or tolerated.  All of our vendors have a verification system in place prior to processing your discounted order and will notify us immediately if they find someone attempting to use benefits they are not entitled to.  

Anyone found attempting to share their benefits with non-registered users will have their membership to the ESP Network cancelled with no possibility of reinstatement or refund.  In addition, that person will be banned for life from attending any ESP Network events or obtaining a replacement membership of any type from our organization.

The ESP Network works very hard, and earnestly, with all of our vendors to secure benefits for our members.  Membership to our group is not expensive at all, and out of respect for our profession and for your fellow members we ask you to be responsible not only with your benefits but also the access credentials you created for our site.  Our site does have certain security features installed that will disable your account automatically if suspicious activity is detected.