ESP Network

Past Conferences

Presenters & Staff for 2007

Beginner Eclipse Training:  Jan Fuller
Intermediate Eclipse Training:  Breck Record
Advanced Eclipse Training:  Jeremy Thorne
Automatic Indexing: Keith Vincent
Captioning: Jana Colter
New Visualizers: Keith Vincent
Useful Reporter Gadgets: Keith Vincent
Voice Writing: Bettye Keyes & Patrick Seely
SearchMaster:  Jim Barker & Lynda Batchelor-Barker
Punc Rock II:  Jim Barker & Lynda Batchelor-Barker
Scopist Exchange:  Lisa Collini
Realtime Hookups Parts 1 and 2:  Keith Vincent
Advanced Realtime Parts 1 and 2:  Jeremy Thorne
ESP Network Staff:  Tim, Brenda & Julie Hollister
ASI Update:  Greg Seely

2007 Conference Image Gallery (Las Vegas, NV)