VirtuCon 5
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Oct. 10th - 30th, 2023
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Fun Facts

New for 2012,
ESP Network introduces a new website along with a much larger member benefits package!
Beginning in 1992,
ESP Network began as Eclipse User Group (EUG), with their first conference in Stuart, Florida.
ESP is International
Our annual conference brings users together from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and more!

What our members are saying

I can honestly say that out of all the different conferences I attend each year as a court reporter, the ESP Network's annual conference is ALWAYS my favorite. Having the actual programmer for Eclipse on hand, as well as tech support staff, is worth its weight in gold!

Linda, Georgia

ESP Network provides me with almost all the CEU credits I need each year in an environment that is both calm and encouraging. Being surrounded by like-minded Eclipse users makes this conference fun, informative and relaxing!

Pamela, California

What is ESP Network?

ESP Network is the official Eclipse users’ group, established in 1992, as a liaison between Eclipse users and Advantage Software, the developers of Eclipse CAT software.

Our mission is to provide the best Eclipse training possible at our once-per-year conference/training seminar event, and through our highly acclaimed online newsletter, The Newscache. The Newscache always has interesting articles and helpful tips and tricks contributed by Eclipse users, trainers, and software techs. If you are not yet a member of ESP Network, we encourage you to join today!

A little bit more...

ESP Network is not owned, operated or subsidized in any way by Advantage Software, the makers of Total Eclipse, although we do operate with their permission and encouragement.

Eclipse Software Professionals Network is made up of people who purchased software sold by Advantage Software, Inc. The users’ network was formed to facilitate learning of the software and as a "bridge" between the company, on the one hand, and the users of the software on the other. We are Eclipse users, just like you. Membership is only $35 per year. Members receive the online newsletter, the Newscache, filled with helpful tips for Eclipse users. Your membership also entitles you to a discount at the yearly ESP Network training seminar/conference, as well as Pengad discounts and SearchMaster specials, and other periodic discounts offered to our members by various vendors as well as many other benefits and discounts which you can read about on the benefits page. We also offer members a place in our online directory to list the services you provide and contact information (still being redesigned). It’ a great way to advertise, and many rely on it when they are looking for a court reporter or scopist in a particular area that offers services they need.
Best value for your money
Out of ALL the user groups for ALL the different CAT software vendors, ESP Network is the most affordable!
Simply the BEST
Instructors at our annual conference are the best in the business, including the head programmer for Eclipse!

Our mission